Construction Waste Management in Melbourne

A huge proportion of the solid waste generated around the world comes from demolition and construction activity.

 In response, more and more of the worksites are turning to sustainable construction, including construction waste management in Melbourne. From on-site sorting to materials recycling, there are many opportunities to cut the amount of waste in the construction industry – as well as cut costs.

 To meet both your business and sustainability goals, reach out to the team at Jumbocorp for construction waste removal in Melbourne.

Construction Waste Removal Melbourne – FAQs

What is construction waste recycling management?

Construction waste in Melbourne is an often overlooked source of profit for construction sites.

 A savvy construction firm can use a professional service for construction waste recycling in Melbourne to reduce its costs as well as its impact on the planet. As resources and construction materials become more scarce and expensive, there are increasing benefits to creating another revenue stream on the worksite.

 Jumbocorp can help construction firms to respond to the industry-critical challenges of resource depletion, greenhouse gas emissions, and soil and water pollution. If you’re looking to position your business so you will remain adaptable and profitable, we offer the end-to-end services and guidance you need to future-proof your business in sustainable construction.

How do you dispose of construction and demolition waste?

Most worksites manage their construction waste removal in Melbourne by hiring a skip bin from a professional waste removal company.

 Waste from construction and renovations needs to be dealt with in the proper way, to keep the worksite clear as well as avoid hazards to human health or the environment. End-to-end waste management services cover everything from delivery and installation to collection and recycling.

 Construction sites have a responsibility to dispose of their waste correctly, which is why they usually hire services for construction waste management in Melbourne. Much of this waste can be sorted on-site, and professionally processed so that as much of the building materials can be reused as possible.

What do construction and demolition waste include?

Building waste covers any material generated at a worksite during demolition, construction or renovation. This includes the actual construction materials, such as timber, plasterboard, masonry, brick, concrete and Hebel.

 Much of these materials can be reused, saving them from being sent to the landfill. For example, concrete and tile can be pulverised, turning them into fine aggregates or gravel. This can then be used to make more concrete, mortar or asphalt. Timber can also be processed into products such as mulch.

 Some materials can be recycled into new products. Metals such as steel, brass and copper are valuable even as scrap metal to be recycled. Construction and demolition waste in Melbourne also includes a lot of paper and cardboard packaging, which can also be recycled.