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Site Cleaning in Melbourne

Jumbocorp will not only install skip bins, skip bags and remove waste from your construction site, but also clear away debris and rubbish, so the worksite is safe and accessible at all times.

Jumbocorp has a range of packages available to make sure that your worksite is clean and clear of tripping hazards, so your space is safe to use and operating at maximum efficiency.

Complete Construction Site Cleanup in Melbourne

For all your site cleanup needs in Melbourne, JumboCorp is the trusted choice. Our comprehensive site cleanup services extend beyond simple waste removal. We ensure your construction site is clear from debris, enhancing safety and productivity throughout the duration of your project thanks to our expert construction waste management team. Whether you require building site cleanup in Melbourne or construction site cleaning, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Trusted Building Site Cleanup in Melbourne

In the bustling construction industry, efficiency and safety are paramount. JumboCorp, as one of the leading site cleanup companies in Melbourne, takes these factors seriously. We ensure your building site is kept in pristine condition, free from hazardous materials and obstructions. Our priority is to enable you to focus on what you do best – building.

Exceptional Construction Site Cleanup Companies Melbourne

Effective construction site cleaning involves more than just removing visible debris. It requires a deep understanding of the industry's requirements, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to safety. At JumboCorp, our well-trained team uses industry-leading equipment and techniques to ensure your site is clean, safe, and ready for work.

Superior Soil Removal Melbourne

Beyond general debris and rubbish, construction sites often generate considerable amounts of soil waste. Whether you're excavating for a new foundation or landscaping a finished project, you can rely on JumboCorp for efficient soil removal in Melbourne. We ensure the soil is removed promptly, minimising any disruptions to your project timeline.

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Building Site Cleanup Melbourne – FAQs

What does construction site cleaning include?

Construction site cleaning in Melbourne means clearing waste and debris from a variety of work sites. If allowed to build up, construction debris can get in the way of on-site activity, slowing down the work and acting as a potential safety hazard.

Construction work generates a lot of debris, some of which is hazardous to workers on-site or the public. It can pollute the air, water or soil, and should be recycled as much as possible. All worksites, from demolition to construction to renovation, require professional site cleaning.

Site cleanup companies in Melbourne remove waste building materials, as well as the cardboard and plastic wrapping these materials came in.

Building site cleanup in Melbourne needs to be ongoing and take place throughout the duration of the construction project. Jumbocorp can collect and recycle a wide range of materials from soil, brick, tile, hebel and plaster, to timber, steel, plastic, foam and concrete.

Jumbocorp can provide a wide range of on-site labour, machinery and waste vessels to service just about any construction site.

Construction site cleaning in Melbourne is often a highly customisable service, so it can be tailored to include whatever might be needed for a specific construction site. Please see the below example of a typical site clean package.

What are the typical steps in construction site cleaning?

  1. Installation

Jumbocorp will do the skip bag delivery and/or skip bin delivery to your construction site. This includes permits organised for you if necessary.

  1. Slab Backfill

To be carried out after the slab is poured and before the frame or timber is delivered.

  • Levelling of soil from around site where access and contours are available and grade soil away from slab.
  • Spread soil around the site (up to 10m3) then stockpile the rest on site.
  • Notify if there is any leftover soil to be removed.
  • Supply and spread 10m of crushed rock to the perimeter of the slab and in the driveway
  • Ensure that we don’t cover the aggie drains with any dirt etc.
  • Assist with vapour barrier, it is the concreters responsibility to ensure they have vapour barrier in place and it is to be pulled up around the perimeter of the slab with weights on top to hold it there.
  • Removal of concrete over pour.
  • All steel reinforcement (reo) bars & mesh are to be cut up and placed in the bin by concreters.
  • Placing all loose rubbish in the bin.
  • Sweep house slab of any materials from works.
  • Sweep off footpaths, crossovers and roads from our works.
  1. Roof Stage Clean

To be carried out after the roof is completed to remove any broken tiles.

  • All masonry waste removed from the site
  • All frame timber placed in the site bin
  • Sweep off footpaths, crossovers and roads from our works
  1. Pre Scaffold (double-storey buildings)

To be carried out after the first story of bricks is completed to remove any broken brick waste.

  • Removal of the broken brick waste
  • Removal of roof tile rubbish
  • Placing all loose rubbish in the site bin
  1. Lock Up Stage

To be carried out after all brickwork has been completed and scaffold removed if applicable.

  • Removal of all brick, tile and concrete waste materials from the site.
  • If full packs of bricks need to be removed, this needs to be noted and emailed before attending the site by the site supervisor.
  • Any leftover sand is pushed out and spread in the driveway
  • Placing of all loose rubbish in site bin
  • Plaster offcuts removed from site
  1. Final Clean

To be carried out after site fences and toilet is removed prior to the booking of the Certificate of Occupancy

  • Placing all loose rubbish in the site bin.
  • Any leftover bricks, roof tiles, floor tiles, render buckets and paint etc, which are to be kept are to be placed in the garage, which is the responsibility of the builder to liaise with the relevant trades
  • Ensure rebates are backfilled around the site falling away from the dwelling at min 50mm over a metre
  • Ensure access steps to entry points are no more than 150mm step down
  1. Bag/Bin Removal

To be carried out on the day of appliances being installed

Throughout the construction process please email [email protected] when the skip bags are full, or call our team for collection.

We know that rubbish doesn’t always make it all the way to the rubbish bin! We’ll do a quick tidy-up so your construction site will be free of tripping hazards or obstructions.

From there, our trucks will take all the waste away to be recycled, and we will install a new skip bag on-site.

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